My Diet Coke Addiction Continued

This is an exciting time in my life; for the first time in almost 10 years I am free from the Diet Coke addiction, and it happened all by accident. Those of you in the same shoes as I was know the damage that happens to your body when you consume large amounts of this type of drink over a long period of time. Let me tell you, it is not fun. The last few years I began to notice many things going wrong with my health and tried to deny that it was the pop I was drinking. Here is a short list of what I was experiencing: Migraines at least once a week, headaches all the time, dry skin and hair, jitteriness, joint pain in both my knees, extremely tired all the time, and this is only the short list. I tried so many times to quit but the withdrawal symptoms were just too much. One day I was just fed up and went cold turkey. Boy was that a big mistake. By noon that day, I couldn’t stop shaking and a Migraine set in that took me home early from work. I had to chug a can of diet coke before slipping into my bed with a hot wet towel on my head to try and sleep it off. I went to my family doctor the day after to talk to him about all the stuff going on with me. Can you guess what he told me after I shared how much Diet Coke I was drinking a day, and for how long I had been drinking it? It wasn’t pretty. When your body tells you that it has had enough and your doctor confirms it, then it’s time to do something about it.

This is where the pure accident happened. A good friend of mine came to visit me at work one day and asked me to try a new healthy energy drink that he had been using for a few weeks and had noticed great results with increased energy and none of the crash you get with other energy drinks. I had never tried an energy drink, heck I was already hooked on something else, but I agreed to try it.

Well….this is where I will leave off for tonight. Tomorrow night I will finish my story and share why this has been such an exciting time in my life.

Mike W.