My Diet Coke Addiction Busted!!

Tonight I am going to share the rest of my story. I know there are a lot people out there with the same type of addiction that I had. It may not be Diet Coke, but it is some kind of drink that is not good for you and if you listen to your body and notice what is going on, you will probably start to understand that all these drinks on the market today with all the caffeine, all the sugars, all the artificial sweeteners and stimulants do nothing to keep you healthy.

As I left off last night, a great friend of mine, Bill, shared an energy drink with me that changed my life. On day three of just having it once a day, something happened. I felt really good that day and when I got home that night from work and sat down for dinner with my wife and three kids, it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I only had one diet coke that day and it was very early that morning on my trip into the office. I couldn’t believe it. I only had one diet coke and I felt great. I had no headache, no jittery feeling, wasn’t tired, just felt real good. As you read in my last post, I have tried to quit so many times in past and generally ended up in bed with a huge migraine. I couldn’t believe it and neither could my wife. I had run out of the initial product that Bill had given me to try and on day four I called him early in the morning and asked if I could have a few more samples. He got some to me and away I went. On day four I had one diet coke and one of the energy drinks. Guess what, exact same results. I felt incredible all day. No headache, no joint pain, not tired, nothing!

On day 5, I had no diet coke, one energy drink and not one withdrawal symptom that I had experienced so many times before and left me feeling like I would be drinking diet coke for ever. Now you can see why my life has changed and why I am so excited to share my story. It has been a couple of weeks now and I have not had one Diet Coke and not one withdrawal symptom!

I really am not here to sell an energy drink, it’s just part of my story and how I was able to finally break my diet drink addiction, something I have been trying to do for a very long time. For you, it may be a healthy energy drink, a green tea, or maybe even water, the point to my story is more about getting the word out and sharing what soda in general, diet soda specifically, can do to your body if you are drinking heavy quantities like I was.

If you are ready to break that diet drink addiction, shoot me an email,, happy to answer any questions or give support.

Mike W.