Tired of Being Tired!!

I hear this statement all the time, “I am tired of being tired”.  Do you know that the number one complaint to doctors today is, that people are always so tired.  If you haven’t read my story, stop a minute, and check out the pages on the left side navigation bar about my Diet Coke addiction for nearly 10 years and the side effects I experienced, then come back and read this post.

There are many things that can cause a person to be tired, some are medical, some are personal.  I am not a doctor and if you struggle with constant fatigue, the first step is to seek medical advice, you may have something that can be treated and managed.  What I want to focus on are the personal choices that can cause our bodies to be constantly tired each and every day.  Lets look at just a few:

Diet (specifically food choices)
Lack of exercise
Jobs (stress)
Lack of sleep or sleep pattern
Personal worries (finances, family, friends)
Bad Habit (like mine, addicted to Diet Coke)

This is only a short list of the many reasons a person can experience fatigue and tiredness throughout the day.  Today’s fast paced lifestyle has changed the scope of how things are done in the world.  We are constantly asked to do more with less, take on more without giving up other things and all of this can take a toll on our bodies and mind if left unchecked.  How many times have you heard from your parents or grandparents, “Life was not this complicated when I was your age”.  Typically, that is the crux, life can be complicated for most of us.  That fast paced complication can lead to poor eating habits, stress on the job, lack of sleep or lack of good sleep, addictions to unhealthy products, worries and ultimately fatigue.

I share in my story that one of the side effects I struggled with was extreme fatigue.  I have a stressful job, I have a wife and three teenagers (that alone can cause stress), I don’t always eat the way I should and many times I skipped exercising because I was always tired and run down.  We can’t always change the world or even our own situation at times, but what we can do, is take control over the things that make the most difference.  When I broke my Diet Coke addiction, although it was by accident, my body responded in a positive way.  As my energy increased, so did my desire to choose healthier foods, to exercise more regularly, and to take time out each day to focus on myself instead of the stresses of life.  I don’t feel tired anymore.  I don’t fight fatigue like I used to, I know now what it takes to manage my lifestyle around the faced paced world we live in, and do it on my timetable.

If you are ready to break that diet drink addiction, email me, wittmc@msn.com if you have any questions, I’d be glad to help out.

Thanks for all the comments and support,
Mike W.


  1. Kimberly Larson says:

    I know why diet soda makes a person tired, it’s actually pretty simple. It is often forgot that everything in you body is linked, so when you drink diet soda it tastes sweet, and you mind is told this. Now, your body thinks it is getting something sweet and sugary, but it doesn’t get any sugar at all. Your body starts using and burning what it doesn’t have gradually causing you to become weak and tired over time.

  2. Diane says:

    I quit my Diet Dr. Pepper habit (at least 2 2Liter bottles a day) a few years ago… and tried one sip for the heck of it recently. DISGUSTING!!! I can’t believe how I used to love that toxic garbage. NEVER ever, again! Learn to love water… if I can do it, so can you! Tell yourselves, its now or never. Love your body, your health, its your most precious gift. Your health is everything! Go organic, detox your body and you will definitely taste and feel the difference! I went from a size 12 to a size 2, and feel so much better. I also drink LOTS of tea… (NO sugar) , British style (super strong with a dash of milk), or Earl Grey, sooo many wonderful teas to choose from!

  3. Lynzie Norquist says:

    w ow..I have been addcited toAmp, diet coke and I feel so tired..I will get off tommorow and lock my self in my house..Thank You

  4. wittmc says:


    Thank you for the comment. I would be happy to direct you to where you can order ACT. Just visit my site, http://www.drinkactweb.com/mikewitt, and at the top you will see two red buttons. Click on the “Join” button. This will allow you to join for free, set up your own ACT website that you can log into and order any product that you like for wholesale price.

    Mike Witt

  5. i am also tired to be tired says:

    hi where can i get this drink,

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