Results After Three Weeks Off Diet Coke!

I wanted to share some quick results after kicking my diet coke habit and in all honesty, picking up a new healthy one that has continued to change my families life.  If you haven’t read my entire story, stop and give a quick read to my other two pages and how I finally busted my Diet Coke addiction for good.  Them come back and read what new things this amazing product has done for me and my family.

It has been three weeks now since I kicked my habit and from day 5 until today, I still have not had one side effect that I used to have or had when I tried to kick the addiction myself.  If you read my story you may remember the awful side effects that I experienced every day, week in and week out.  Things like, constant headaches, weekly migraines, joint pain in both my knees, extreme fatigue, excessive dry skin and of course the one I like to share the most, because my wife claimed it all the time, short term memory loss.  Well, I am here to tell you, not one of these things has happened yet.  I have not had one headache, not one migraine, no more joint pain, not one symptom that I struggled with for so long has happened since kicking my Diet Coke habit.  I have more energy, more stamina, my skin looks great and has color, my taste buds are incredible and all from accidentally loosing this addiction after so many years.

As you have already figured out, the reason that my habit is gone is due to one thing, the A.C.T. Energy Drink.  After all my struggles, pain, failures, along comes something out of the blue and without me even knowing what was happening, to wake up after using it for 5 days and have no addiction, no withdrawal symptoms and no more side effects, well, that is something amazing to me.  But that story does not end there.  Recently my wife and I were chatting one night after the kids went to bed and I mentioned that I thought that I had lost some weight, my jeans were not as tight.  She looked at me and said, “It’s funny you said that, because I was noticing the same thing.”  I told her to grab the scale so that I could weigh myself and low and behold, I had dropped 5 pounds.  I know this, and you may remember from my story, I had went to the doctor just before my friend Bill shared A.C.T. with me and remembered what they weighed me at.  I couldn’t believe it.  My wife did not have a starting weight to go by, but she definately noticed her pants fitting looser and I could even tell the difference.  We both were kind of struck with this new enlightenment because we hadn’t changed what we were eating or the meals we were fixing for all of us, our routine seemed normal, except for one thing!  We both noticed that we didn’t feel hungry between meals like we always had, and becuase of this, we both weren’t snacking on junk food like before.  Shoot, I remember times later in the night, say around 9:00pm, I would fill up a bowl of Corn Pops or snack on a bag of chips, or my favorite, have a bowl of ice cream and a brownie.  Both my wife and I started to look back and realized that we just wern’t snacking between meals, our normal meals satisfied us.  That was the reason that both of us have lost weight, no more junk between meals.

That is why A.C.T. has once again has shown us the power of how healthy and amazing it is.  Check out the science behind Drink A.C.T.,, and I think you will find, just as we have, the power of this product, a product un-like any other on the market today and at a price you can’t find with any other energy drink anywhere.

If you are ready to break that diet drink addiction, give Drink ACT a try, I think you will start to see a much healthier life begin to form!!  Email me, if you have any questions, I’d be glad to help out.

If you are still hanging on the fence, give me a shout, 563-326-2256, and I will share my story live with you. Thanks again for all the great comments and support.

Mike Witt


  1. Lauren E. says:

    “Definitely”is spelled like this, MIke —- not “definately. (not like it sounds).

    And, yes, I need to give up the Diet Coke — I find that I can’t do it cold turkey – but, if I work out every day and drink a gallon of water a day while working out, in the hot tub and wet/dry sauna, the cravings decrease and my desire for it diminishes.
    So, sweating it out of my system works for me – and drinking lots of water while not giving up the diet coke but just letting my system work it out – and it does.

  2. MISTY says:


  3. Pat says:

    Hi Mike,

    you have a slight typo on your “results after three weeks off” page it actually says “Resluts” on the tab. Just wanted to let you know. Great website.

  4. jessi says:

    Just so you know, plugging an energy drink as a cure for diet coke addiction just completely bellied your credibility as someone who actually kicked the habit. That’s five minutes of my life I’ll never get back. And P.S., you title tag-as in what actually shows when someone bookmarks your page, reads “Resluts After Three Weeks…” Really? Maybe you need to lay off the caffeine…..

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