6 Months after Breaking My Diet Coke Addiction

It has been a little over 6 months now since I was introduced to the ACT Energy drink, the drink that helped me to break my 10 year addiction to Diet Coke.  During this time, the response to my story has been overwhelming, and the people that I have been able to touch with this incredible healthy drink has, well, been incredible.

But the one person that I am the most excited for, the one person that means the world to me, has had some amazing things happen in her life that I wanted to share.  As the title hints to, that one person is my wife, Darla.

We have been married for 18 years now and have three wonderful kids, all teenagers, but the one thing that Darla has always fought with over the years, is her weight.  She has had some good years and bad years, I am sure that a lot of women would agree, having children, running a household, holding down a job, and just the everyday stresses of life can add unwanted pounds.

Darla asked me to share her story, in the hopes that her weight loss success might give others the inspiration needed in battling, what some view as America’s biggest crutch, extra body fat. 

We both fell in love with the ACT Energy drink and if you have read some of my story, you know that, not only did it kick my long standing addiction to Diet Coke and all the side effects of Aspartame, it gave us back our energy and vitality.  It helped curb our appetite so that we didn’t snack on the wrong foods at the wrong times.  And today, even our kids enjoy the benefits that ACT gives.  But Darla was looking for the chance to get her body back in shape and take off those unwanted pounds that had gradually shown up in the last couple years.

About two months after beginning our journey with ACT, a new product was being introduced.  A product that had been in the works for several years and was finally ready to be shared with the public.  I remember the night that Darla and I listened to a conference call where the unveiling was to take place.  When Paul Gravette, the owner and founder of ACT, shared the name of this new product, “Body Trim”, I looked over to my wife and I think she was almost crying.  Paul shared what this new healthy Weight Loss drink was going to do for folks and before I knew it, Darla was online ordering.

Darla’s Transformation with Body Trim:

Needless to say, and at the time I had no clue, it was the last time I would get to see my wife.  Not literally, but the beautiful wife I had, turned into an even more beautiful wife, when her body transformed in such a short time.

 At the end of the first 5 weeks of adding a Body Trim drink in the morning and one in the afternoon, Darla only lost 5 pounds.  I have to chuckle as I share this because I remember her looking at the scale and not understanding why it was only that little of an amount.  Especially when she knew she had lost quite a bit of inches across her body, 9 to be exact, and mostly from the waist down, right where she wanted.

At the end of 10 weeks, it just kept getting better.  The scale only showed a total of 8 pounds lost, but she now had shrunk a total of 15 inches across her body, and 11 of those were from the waist down.  It has just been amazing to see her change almost every week.  Ever been shopping with someone who has lost 6 inches in their waist and needs to buy new jeans?  Pretty exciting.  Darla is very close to where she would like to be, I know it won’t be long before she reaches her goals.

If you were wondering why she only lost 8 pounds but all those inches, it’s because Body Trim focuses on the body fat where you have it, and protects and builds lean muscle.  Lean Muscle is heavier than fat, so folks can actually loose inches but not a lot of scale pounds.

Body Trim and the ACT Energy drink combined has given Darla a new lease on life, I see it in her smile everyday.  Her friends and family are thrilled with her new look and despite the new wardrobe, her husband, that’s me, couldn’t ask for anything more that what ACT has already given us.

If you are interested in seeing what Body Trim or the ACT Healthy energy drink are all about, click the link below and we will show you:

ACT Healthy Energy Drink & Body Trim

If you are looking to give ACT a try, there are two options, Order Retail, or Join for FREE, order wholesale and save around 30%.  When you visit our site, those two buttons are at the top of the page. 

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help out, just shoot us an email at wittmc@msn.com, and either I or Darla will respond. 

We appreciate all the visitors who have stopped by our site, left comments and for all the folks who have ordered ACT and still continue to drink it today.  It’s pretty amazing what can happen when your body gets all the right stuff!!

To Everyone’s success,

Mike and Darla Witt


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