This Site Is Dedicated to Breaking the Diet Drink Addiction!!

My name is Mike and I have created this site to help the thousands of people who are addicted to diet drinks like I was kick the habit. I want to share how I broke a 7 cans a day, for nearly 10 years Diet Coke habit, in just 5 Days with no withdrawal symptoms at all. This was an exciting time in my life and I wanted to share my experience with those who struggle as I did to quit this tough addiction.

Mike W.


  1. Heidi says:

    I drink over 2 2-liter bottles of diet Pepsi a day and I’m sick of it! I can’t stop and all I can think of is my next “drink”. I don’t know what’s in this crap but I just can’t seem to stop. Like many of you I’m tired of all the bottles and cans all over and I just put them out at the road and let other people cash in on them. I’ve tried to wean myself off which never works because I gradually “wean up” again and going cold turkey is an complete nightmare. My husband and dr. say I’ll never completely quit. I know this stuff is killing me.

  2. lisa says:

    Iam 44 i drink a 2 liter dt mt dew a day sometimes more. Iam glad to know Im not the only one my mom has ask be to stop today. I came upon this website. Thanks ! I realize now I am addicted to it. That scares me.

  3. Big Easy Bill says:

    Well I must admit…I am 41 and have been drinking Diet Coke since 1982 when it came out. I did prefer the original with saccharin in it…but went with it when they switched to aspartame. I do now usually get it with Splenda as I prefer the taste. I usually have about 9 cans per day (down from 12 or more).

    I am just wondering about the splenda vs aspartame.

  4. Dyan says:

    I’ve been a soda drinker for as long as I can remember (going back to craving it even in elementary school.) If I had to guess, I’d say my daily consumption took up sometime when I was in high school and that was over 10 years ago. Diet Pepsi is my drink of choice. All day–everyday, and its all I drink. Lately I’ve begun making lifestyle choices including eating better food and exercising regularly and this has helped my general feeling of health very positively. I have not however lost any weight, and I still gulp down soda (mostly caffeine free even) like an addict. I’m wondering if that’s what is not only holding up my new fitness goals, but also what’s been making me feel run down for all these years.

    Its tough to quit though. I had once done so for quite a few months, and switched to water. I had lost some weight and remember feeling good. That sweet tooth of mine finally gave in though and I’ve had great difficulty pulling away from it. Its kind of sad but even the thought of it makes me very anxious. So much, in fact, that I’ve taken a trip or ten over to my mom’s when I’ve run out of soda and taken hers (she’s also a serious life-long Pepsi freak).

  5. Debby says:

    I stopped cold turkey. My drink of choice is diet Dr. Pepper. I started drinking diet pop in 1980’s. At one point my heart beat was racing and woke me up in the middle of the night because of all the diet pop I’d drink during the day. At least 5 cans. Still didn’t stop. Then about 2 weeks ago I thought aspartame can’t be good for you and decided to quit. I’m having muscle pains, but could be old age. Ha! still I’m not going back to diet. Will drink the “hard stuff”, but no more diet.

  6. Nate says:

    Im now sure after being suspicious as to whether or not I was actually addicted to Diet Pepsi. I use to drink 4 0r 5 cans of Low Carb Monster drinks a day, and I started having heart issues. So I decided I would switch to a lesser of two evils and started drinking Diet Pepsi. Well its been about a year now and now I am convinced Im addicted to it. Yesterday I was out of Diet Pepsi and was at my local CVS store. They had a sale on pepsi products, and I had literally 2 dollars to my name. Well the sale was any 2 liter pepsi product for .99 cents each. So I thought perfect. Well they were out of Diet Pepsi, so I grabbed 2 Pepsi “Max’s” thinking my sick feeling was lack of caffeine. Well Im sure this was part of it, but after drinking almost a whole 2 liter of the max I still felt sick. And the best way I can describe how I felt was like a hangover. Not to mention the MAX taste was horrible to me. Anyway I had to return some items I had bought from target so I would have enough money to buy three 12 packs of Diet Pepsi. And within Id say about 2 hours after drinking it I felt normal again. And this is what made me google ” addiction to diet pepsi” and found this site. I hope I can get over this. I have a long history of addiction to pain pills which Im am 3 years clean from after about 7 years of addiction, so needless to say another addiction is the last thing I need right now. Thanks for the site and Ill keep on reading to get some ideas on kicking yet another addiction in my like. Again thanks and God Bless……. Nate

  7. Jasmin says:

    I am so glad to come upon this website. I finally admitted today that I am addicted to diet coke. I get sick of seeing cans and small bottles all over my place. thank god I recycle. However, I am embarrassed over the situation I find myself in. I think it’s been about 10 yrs now I have had this addiction. It has gotten worse by far and I am sick of it. Sick of the cans, the bottles, and the amount of money spent on this junk. I am going to try and wean myself off. I know I won’t be able to quit cold turkey. But it’s gotta be bettter than where I am today.

  8. Lewis says:

    what about decaffeinated soft drinks; are they as harmful as ordinary diet soft drinks? as i would really like to cut down my daily consumption, but i do enjoy a nice glass of diet coke.

  9. mike says:

    I am starting my blog spot today and will try to document my story. I currently drink 12-14 cans of diet pepsi every day (maybe more) and I NEED to stop. Anxiety issues, muscle pains, etc. Follow my blog as I start from day one and I will also chronicle to see if joints, muscles, memory, stomach all improve. Good luck to all of you!!

  10. deezaya says:


    yes..i love diet soda.i drink alot of it.2 weeks ago,in the car i started shakeing and sweating and got really nervous.i had drank a diet pepsi prior,that i then did not wanna was like an anxiety attack.ive been drinking soda for years and years and lots of it possible that i have this nervous thingy now(not every day but alot)from the diet soda?i also have stigning pains in my eyes sometimes,and really bad headaches…so can diet soda cause anxiety attacks?im kicking this habbit for good,its going to be hard but its going to be done.and if i do need a soda i will drink a reg one.but as of now,i promise myself to drink water:D:D

  11. Vanessa says:

    I have been drinking many cans of diet coke a day for years but in the past year I am drinking so much I cant even admit exactly how many ..I spend alot of money on it too. In the past few weeks it looks almost as if I have two black eyes First around one eye looked a little sunken in and very just yesterday my other eye did it. It was a very hot day and I drank so much that I had a full stomach. The doctor says it is not related but of course he doesn’t really know how much of it I consume in a day. Could this be it??

  12. Mike says:

    I am in day three of getting off Diet Coke.. My first day was hard, the second day harder still. Then, the afternoon/evening of the second day (yesterday), and today–the third day, became much easier. I can’t believe I feel pretty good already. I had a dull headache, but not bad.
    My history is: I started about 20 years ago, and became progressively worse, until recently, I would get up early in the am (whether working, or a day off), get a fountain soda. If I was working, I would also buy one or two liters to take with me. I would also often buy more out of the drink machine at work. After work, it’s back to Circle K for a refill, and one or two more later on. This had to stop. The money, time, and gas wasted, and the fact that I had to pee constantly, made me do this. Also the dishonesty, when confronted by my wife, about how much I had, or the money I had spent. I am guzzlin water like crazy, and drinking gatorade, and juice. I really hope it lasts. I just want to be awake during daylight hours, without needing Diet Coke to help me be awake. Thanks for allowing me to share this with you–great website. Mike Weatherhead, Safford Arizona

  13. Danny says:

    Between my girlfriend and I, we drink about 80 cans of Diet Pepsi per week. We have decided that we are sick of being slaves to the diet drink and this is our first week substituting tequila and tequila-infused drinks instead of Diet Pepsi.

    The best side effect is that I feel more relaxed throughout the day and have no trouble sleeping at night and even catching cat naps (sometimes even at my desk!). I would have never been able to do that before.

    Anyone that is looking to make a similar switch, I would suggest one can of lime-aid concentrate to eight shots of tequila (I prefer Jose Cuervo). Keep this drink in a nalgene bottle or gatorade bottle and you can enjoy it in the car, at work or while relaxing at home.

    I will post updates to our progress. Hopefully we can avoid the Pepsi temptation and stick to our tequila regimen. -Danny

  14. bev parker says:

    im 33 nd bin drinkin diet coke 4 over 20 years i drink over 10 cans a day nd a 2 liter bottle thro the night iv tryd meny times 2 giv it up but just cant i wana try gen 4 new year but dnt kno if ill b able 2 last a day wiv out it i av diabities nd epilepsi nd read that the aspartame sweetner cud av caused the both of them is there any advice u could giv me on this plzz coz i cant keep goin like i am thanx

  15. Olivia says:

    if i dont drink it i get headaches so i tend to have a 4 or 5 glasses on a 6 hour shift at work to stop the headaches, at nightime i regularrly get the urge to go to the shop, get a bottle. i have some control but if i let myself i could so easily drink 12 cans a day. my mum says im addicted to caffine is that serious

  16. micihele says:

    I have not had a diet coke in over 2 weeks. That is a big deal. I drank 4 or 5 large fountain diet cokes every day beginning first thing in the morning. Honestly I do not feel any better or less bloated but it was something that embarrassed me. I lied about it and I was contributing to huge amount a of plastic waste – I recycle but still… Way too much. I used to get kind of frantic if I was going to be somewhere I couldn’t get fountain diet coke – I don’t drink bottled or canned diet coke or diet pepsi. Really – it’s a weird addiction.

  17. andrea says:

    i have only just found this website i am addicted to diet coke i get through about 4-6 litres a day yes thats right i did drink it through my pregnancy and never really knew the dangers of it. I have been drinking this for nearly 7 years and cant go even a couple of hours without it now the question is what harm could/have done to my baby with drinking so much if anyone can help i would really appreciate it. also i have really been feling the affects of it just lately.

  18. Coke Lover says:

    I drink a Diet Coke when i wake up, middle of the day, before doing work, and when I study. On usual I drink 2 L a day, the most-14 liters a day. Everyone bothers me about the amount that I drink. I smetimes think that I would just stop. But I have never tried it because I seriously doubt that a person can be addicted to Diet Coke. When I have a bottle with me, I feel important and and self confident and it is a great conversation starter. Without one, i crave it during classes. I spend more money on Diet Coke than anything else. I have never believed that Diet Coke is bad for you. But lately, I have been noticing just how many I drink without really recognizing it. I don’t know whether or not I am addicted, but either way I will not be able to stop.

  19. Anna says:

    I am addicted to diet coke, and I really want to cut down/quit before I go to university in September (I know I won’t be able to afford it then!) I tired to quit on a few occasions, but only lasted 1-2 days. I can’t seem to get rid of the craving for it. The reason for quitting is because I have heard lots of health issues related to diet coke and I am an athlete myself (currently injured) who wants to stay healthy. If you have any tips on how to break the addiction it would be much appreciated! I certainly feel like an addict, hiding empty cans in my room and lying about how many cans I have had so I can have another. Thanks Anna, 18, UK

  20. barbz says:

    hi may name is barb im 27yrs old and completely and utterly additcted to diet soda….i think its important to say i am also a recovering alcoholic and ex smoker. my addiction shifted 4 years ago in rehab when i was getting sober. i chain smoked and chain drank diet soda. i have been really battling it realising i have a problem for year or two now. its almost harder than kicking smoking which im a year and a half into. i now crave it, this morning im out and i feel like im having a flashback, because i cant think of anything but when and how im going to get a case of soda. its sickening…ive been sober little over four years now , i thought i was done with this kind of hellish prison its created for me. im so upset with this. ive been being treated for headaches and im having problems with my teeth there are gaping holes in like four teeth and no dental insurance,not to mention i have a 3yr old who is seeing me drink the soda like a crazy person and i dont want him think its ok…….im just at wits end with this. thanks for listening..

  21. kimberly ann says:

    wow. i dont know where to begin after reading this was coincidence to come across this page as i started a weightloss program today that includes the first 7 days as a detox to get ready. im female 5’6 41 years old and extreemly overweight at 285. ive drank diet coke since it came out , i was kid. but the past 15 years has been excessive to the tune of starting at 4 cans a day, to 3 years ago when i was working in a restuarant that served it, working 12 hours a day 6 days a week id say a 12 pack a day. this went back down 2 years ago as i dont work ther now, but i still can put away 6 a day no problem. . so now.. i come across this info tonight and im scared to death of what i have done to myself. my dr never once has asked me about my drink consumption, only that i need to drink more water. ive gained 60 of the 285 lbs i carry in the past 3 years. i now wonder if it is due to the diet soda that was my only drink, that helped contribute to this.
    as i said im detoxing as of today. now im verry worried agbout what im gonna go through the next week to a month..

  22. Patti says:

    24 hours cold turkey here! I keep thinking that if I can just make it through the weekend I should be ok. But i’ve tried quitting before, both cold turkey and gradually, without success.
    I decided that I needed to quit drinking diet coke when I began keeping a food journal. It was then that realized I had a serious problem when I noticed that I would go days without drinking water. All I had was diet coke for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all day in between! Yikes! I’m taking it serious this time and am determined not to have a relapse! Wish me luck and good luck to everyone out there trying to quit the habit. It’s hard but I believe it can be done!!

  23. Nathalie says:

    I drink a 2 liter of diet pepsi a day … I dont drink alcohol dont drink coffee I dont smoke but when I’m stressed I drink diet pepsi and I have a 2 year old autistic son and a 4 year old you can imagine how stresses i am lol
    just 2 days ago I stopped im like no this is ruining my life everytime I have no more pepsi I always go buy more but that night omg I was sooo sick I thought I was going to die !! The next day I thought I had the flu and then one my sons ddctors she comes over to our house once a week and I explained how I felt and she said you have withdrawal symptoms you should quit like that you stop gradually or else you could be sick like that for a while … believe me I was so scred of being sick like that again I was to buy a 2 liter …… but and I only drank half yesterday and i stil have half sitting in the fridge and in that my bf also drank a glass soooo I think I can do it !!

  24. louise says:

    hi my name is louise ive been addicted to diet coke since i was 19 i devoloped an eating disorder and survived on 6 – 8 litres a day i beat the eating disorder when i was 23 but three years on i still drink at least 2 litres my teeth are hurting and i want to kick the habbit i dont want my two and one year old copying me have u any suggestions

  25. wittmc says:

    Hi Amy,

    I truly appreciate your comment and story, it actually chokes me up a bit, to hear your struggles at such a young age shows the power of what aspartame can do to folks.

    Your struggles are so close to what I experienced, but one thing is true, once your body is rid of the aspartame, those symptoms will go away and you can get back to a normal life, I am proof of that.

    Thanks you for sharing your hearfelt story, I appreciate that very much, and I know that my readers and visitors will see your passion in wanting to stop the diet coke. You can do it, don’t give up, your body will thank you ten fold.


    Mike Witt

  26. Amy says:

    My name is
    Amy, and I am 18 years old. I have been struggling with a diet coke/diet drink addiction for a few years now. It started out by a comment from one of my track coaches, telling me to lose weight or “tone up” so I could run faster. I took it to heart, and tried to reduced my calorie intake drastically. I became so obsessed about the calories I was consuming each day. I eventually lost weight, because every time i was hungry, I just replaced it with a diet drink, and it suppressed my appetite for the time being. I started to get scary skinny, and decided to quit the diet soda and replace it with real food every time I had a craving. I started noticing the effects from having withdrawals. I would get these awful headaches, I was unable to concentrate, and I got to the point where I would do anything to have that diet drink. So I decided I would just cut back a little bit, but like you, the withdrawals would become too much to deal with, and I’d be back to my horrible, full fledged addiction. I think about how much I consume each day, and it sickens me. On a normal day, I probably have about 6 or 7 24 oz bottles. I started going to different gas stations to buy multiple bottles at a time because I was embarrassed by how much I was drinking. I feel as if everything in my life revolves around the drink, and I’m so sick of it controlling my life. After only 2 years of consuming diet soda like water, I am starting to notice the symptoms more than ever. My joints ache, I get headaches all the time from the caffeine, I’m constantly thirsty and dehydrated, I’ve lost the color in my face, the health of my hair has taken a turn for the worse, I get mood swings, and even stray away from my friends. I have always been very involved in sports, and I’m so worried that this addiction is going to affect my ability to be the athlete I’ve always been. When I stumbled across your website, it seemed to be a miracle, I read your story and I finally thought that there could be some hope. I feel as if I’ve hit rock bottom, and I am willing to try anything to get back to normal. I’ve lost my ability to enjoy life, and I want that back more than anything. I’ve tried many substitutes to quit my addiction, but nothing seems to work. I think I’m going to try ACT and get back to a normal life! I’ve always thought I was crazy letting a drink control my life, having such a silly addiction. But I’ve come to realize an addiction is an addiction, no matter what the substance, and can have the same side effects. It’s so nice to read other people’s stories and realize I’m not alone in this!

  27. wittmc says:

    Hi Irene,

    Thank you so much for your comment, great to see another Iowan.

    I am also very happy that you found ACT and have experienced the benefits like I have. It is an incredibly healthy drink.

    Nice to meet you, thank you again for stopping by and leaving your note.

    Mike Witt

  28. Irene J Ferguson says:

    I was a addicted too… I did not know it.
    I sure know it now and I have been off
    for a year. ACT took its place and I will never go back to another drink with sweetners other than stevia.

    My grandson wanted me to try Mountain Dew the other day and I could not believe how terrible it tasted to me. That use to be one of my favorites.
    Thank You for your article Mike.

    Des Moines, Ia

  29. wittmc says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Thank you so much for your comment and story. What you expereince is so much like what I went through, especially the joint pain.

    I am glad that you are sticking to your plan of quitting, you health and body will thank you many time overs.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Mike Witt

  30. Kelly says:

    I just started to research the effects of aspartame and I have a few of the symptoms. The primary reason I have decided to stop drinking Diet Coke is because my joint pain is starting to affect my life. I would drink between 15 to 20 cans of diet coke a day. I wake up and drink a diet coke, get to work and drink another, around 9:30 I drink another, around 11:00 I drink another, at lunch with free refills I usually drink 6 to 7 (I love McDonalds cokes), around 2:30 I drink another, at dinner I usually drink 2 to 4 and then before bed while watching TV I usually drink 2 more. This has been everyday for years.
    I have tired many times to stop drinking Diet Coke and typically do so a for a few days, but have always started to drink just one, which leads to another and another. This time I have stopped drinking all Diet Coke except at lunch, but I still drink 4 or more at lunch. My goal is to drink it only at lunch and then cut back to where I don’t drink any at lunch.


  31. Delynne says:

    Is is ok to drink regular pop while getting off the diet? I am a severe diet Mt. Dew drinker. I feel horrible most all the time, on top of fighting depression for other reasons. This is day 4 without, but have replaced it with regular pop. I intend on finding something else to drink instead….but just haven’t yet.

    Is it still better then diet? I think the aspartame is definitely the biggest culprit for my physical state….and mental as well! I am having bad headaches right now…but I dont know if its the detoxing or not? Thanks for having this site! It is very encouraging! I will keep you posted!

    I too suffer from the joint pain, memory, headaches, depression, and feel totally lethargic most of the time. I am praying that this is the beginning of a new me!! 🙂

  32. wittmc says:

    Hi Josey,

    Thank you for the comment and your story. I understand your concern at only being 18 and having these types of reactions to Diet Coke. Life goes by so quick, now is the time to get rid of Aspartame and get back to a healthy lifesyle.

    I am glad that you are learning what artificial sweetners can do to you know instead of 10 or 20 years down the road. Don’t give up, it’s worth the fight, your body will thank you, trust me.

    Thanks again for the comment, I hope that your struggles get easier and that Diet Coke will not rule your life any longer.

    Mike Witt

  33. Josey Tucker says:

    My name is Josey, and I am a serious Diet Coke addict. I am 18 years old and have been addicted for quite some time. It is a rare occasion for people to see me without a can or bottle of it. My friends joke that it is my lifeline. I tried to stop drinking diet coke about 2 months ago. My first week without it was treacherous, but I knew that I couldnt ween myself off of it, I had to do it cold turkey. My headaches were unbelievable, excrusiating. I was so tired the first week, and had dark black circles under my eyes to match it. I was actually even sad when I would see diet coke and would realize that I couldn’t have it. The second week off the Coke, I felt really good. I got back into excercising, I got my energy back, and stopped cringing everytime I saw a can. But, after about a week of feeling good, I thought I deserved a treat, I mean I had made it 2 weeks. One diet coke was all it took, I was hooked again, even a little worse then before. I actually crave diet cokes now. And my headaches set in much faster now if I don’t have my “fix”. I love diet coke. And I’m not sure what to do. I hear so many horrible stories about its side effects, but I tend to write them off. I don’t want to stop drinking diet coke, but i think it might be better for me in the long run…. HELP!
    a coke addict

  34. wittmc says:

    Hi Danielle,

    Thank you for the comment and your story. It is scary for those that drink like I did and like you are, I felt the exact same way. I knew it was bad for me, the symptoms kept coming and coming but in the back of my mind I didn’t know what else to do, I was just plain hooked. It’s ok to feel that way, it’s the addiction, just like any other addiction, that is giving you those fears. Don’t give up, keep looking and reading about the effects of Aspartame and other artificial stuff that we consume and what it can do to people over the long run.

    Mike Witt

  35. Danielle says:

    I have always loved pop. It was a treat when I was a kid, but when I got older I was able to grab my own and go. My 2 brothers drink a lot too. I was able to switch to diet when I was younger which I thought was a much better idea. In the last couple of years I started to drink more and more. In the last month I actually started drinking way too much which is why I searched my addiction and ended up here. I drink a good 3 or 4 litres a day. That’s disgusting when I think about it, but really… I don’t know how to stop. I feel panicy when I don’t have one with me…. I don’t even know where to start…. Sad, but the thought of giving it up scares the heck out of me…..

  36. wittmc says:

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you so much for your comment, I will add your story to my testimonial page, thank you for sharing it. ACT is such an incredible product and so many people have the same exact results that you are. They feel healthier, have more energy, and are able to replace all the unhealthy stuff that they consume normally.

    Thank you again, I appreciate you sharing your story about ACT with us.

    Mike Witt

  37. Angela Brooks says:

    I used to drink RC cola every day and I could not get off them. I started replacing water for every can of RC I drank and was able to come off them with out the headache. NOW I can not even drink 6 oz.

    ACT Energy Drink was something I could drink and get the same effects with a healthier background to it. I drink at least 3-4 a day.

  38. wittmc says:

    Hi Everett,

    Thank you for the comment and information. Back when I was drinking Diet Coke, I also tried the one with Vitamins and it tasted ok, but I never stayed with it, I was still hooked on the regular diet coke taste. Your last sentance is what does it for me, “even with the Aspartame still?” The Aspartame is the dangerous ingredient in diet drinks. Do a search online for Aspartame and you will see ton’s of information on the effects of this product. That is the reason I shared my story online, because of the side effects of what Aspartame can do to folks. They may not show up now, but for most people who drink large amounts for a longer period of time, they will show up eventually.

    It’s a good thing to get more vitamins but at the expense of still ingesting the Aspartame, it is my recommendation that there are much better ways to get your vitamins and minerals without sacrificing your heatlh. Just my opinion. Hope this helped out, if you need help quitting, let me know, your body will thank you 10 times over.

    Mike Witt

  39. Everett says:

    Hi, i drink diet coke frequently. Sometimes up to 5 or 6 in a day (which could be worse i suppose)! …but i can also go for a couple weeks without coke sometimes (key word sometimes). But just recently, i noticed that they came out with Diet Coke PLUS, which has Vitamins & Minerals (specifically B3, B6, and B12). I tried it and it actually does taste better! …BUT it still has Aspartame. :/ I am open to quitting, but dont necessarily want to quit. Here’s what im asking basically… Do you think the PLUS is healthier than the original Diet Coke, with the added Vitamins, even with the Aspartame still?

    Thank you!
    -Everett Ford

  40. wittmc says:

    Hi Boona,

    Thank you for the comment and story of your Diet Coke addiction. It is funny how life creates circumstances that lead us into paths that we shouldn’t. My Diet Coke addiction was more stress related and unfortunately once you get hooked on something it is very hard to break. It is also funny that since I quit, I don’t have as much stress in my life. The best way to stop the train is to quit. Mine came by accident, but once I felt better, had more energy, and didn’t experience any withdrawal symptoms, it was easy to stay off the stuff. I would suggest replacing the diet coke with something healthy and once you are off it for a period of time, you will feel great and realize that going back to it is not an option. Thank you again for your comment and do whatever it takes to stop drinking the diet stuff.

    Mike Witt

  41. Boona says:

    I too drink way too much Diet Coke. Like smoking, I always know where I’ll be able to get the next one form, who will lend me money for one, how long before I’ll be at the next place to get one…..I have quit cold turkey twice before. Once when my job gave me an ultimatum-JOB or Diet Coke I chose the job but a year later when I left i could not run fast enought to 7-11. and then again after I went through a very intense conference that made me take a look at the relationships in my life that I was using Dicet Coke to subsitute for what i was lacking in the relationship. that lasted a few months and then it just crept back in…

    How do you stop the train??!!!!

  42. wittmc says:

    Hi L,

    Thank you for the comment and information. You are correct. A lot of people who try to quit get the same craving, and generally that craving brings them right back to it, so stick to it, you will be so much healthier for it. The weight thing is different for people. Some loose, some gain. I think the ones that loose weight when drinking large quantities is because they don’t eat much at all. Unfortunately that is the wrong type of weight loss for your body, a lot of muscle is lost. Those that gain seem to either eat more or eat more of the wrong foods. It is a tough habit to break on your own. Keep up the great work, don’t go back, you will thank yourself in the long run.

    Mike Witt

  43. L says:

    I’ve read so many bad things about diet coke the last few days that i’ve given it up, it’s amazing to me how much i’m craving it even though i’m allowing myself to drink one regular coke a day just to give up the diet coke… it is addictive! I’ve been trying to lose weight and i’ve found so many articles about how diet coke actually makes you gain weight, so hopefully by giving it up i can start to get back in shape…

  44. wittmc says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for the comment and information. You ask a really good question, one I have been asked many times. I am not a doctor, all I can do is share my experience on diet coke and what it did to me. I can tell you though that if you search the net, you will find a ton of information about the affects of Aspartame. There are over 92 listed effects that people like you and me have expereinced. I can’t say if Fibromyalgia is caused by Aspartame, but I will say that I am sure if doesn’t help at all. You will feel so much better once off Aspartame, I did and continue to feel incredible today. Of course, part of my new found health comes from ACT as well.

    Thanks again, good luck, let me know if I can help,
    Mike Witt
    Davenport, Iowa

  45. Patricia says:

    I have found myself wondering about the effects of my much needed diet mountain dew. I have some pretty interesting medical things going on and now I am wondering how much of this is actually pop. I have fibromyalgia as well. If my addiction is making me feel like fibro does, I want to kick the addiction! I need something at night to sleep as well. I find myself irritable, with headaches and joint pain. Is this really the diet dew that is doing this to me possibly??

  46. wittmc says:

    Hi Harmony,

    Thank you very much for your comment and story. I can relate so much to your addiction, especially the part where you were able to quit and then by just having one or two the addiction was back in full force. That was me many times. Someday Aspartame will be banned, there are too many people out there who have the same symptoms and ailments from drinking it over time. Keep up the good work on quitting, I know you can do it, and I know you will feel so much healthier when you finally kick it for good.

    Mike Witt

  47. Harmony Gullette says:

    I am seriously addicted to Diet Coke. Specifically, Diet Coke from a soda fountain. I drink at least two – most times three – 44-ounce fountain Diet Cokes every day. That is between 88 and 132-ounces every day, and it absolutely rules my world. I quit drinking it totally for a couple of months this year. I felt so much better and much more grounded. I felt unlike I could remember (I’ve been drinking Diet Coke for over 20 years at 30 years of age). Well, some days I would decide I could just have one 20-ouncer. Then a couple of days later, I’d have a can or a 32-ouncer. Before I knew it, my addiction had blossomed again back to its full-fledged beauty. I’m making a commitment to stop drinking Diet Coke again – and never to go back. I suffer from Chronic Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia…or do I? I’m going to chronicle each day and see what symptoms change or disappear to help myself figure out if this is really aspartame at work, disguised as two of the most mysterious modern ailments.

    Just thought I’d share,

  48. Josie says:

    I’ve never really thought of it as an “addiction”; everyone in my family can suck down soda (or water or anything, really) from the time we’re babies…

  49. wittmc says:

    Hi Josie,

    Thank you for the comment. A very big habit for someone so young. Not sure how long you have been drinking that much, but it is definately something I would try to convince you to cut down on. The biggest population today that is effected by soda in general, is teenagers. There are way too many studies out there as to the effect of soda in teens and life long struggles they can go through, when consuming so much. Talk to your folks and your doctor, they will hopefully share with you the same conerns. Try cutting down gradually to reduce any withdrawal symptoms and hopefully before you know it, you will be down to a no more than one a day, maybe even just a couple a week. I think you will realize health benefits when you do this. If I can cut out my long term Diet Coke habit, I know you can too.


  50. Josie says:

    I’m 14 and drink at least 12 cans of Diet Pepsi a day.

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