A.C.T. Testimonials

The ACT Health Energy drink has done some amazing things for me and my wife.  Not only did it help me kick my long standing battle with Diet Coke and all the side effects it has also given us a new lease on life.  The healthy energy, day in and day out, helps us to keep up with our three busy teenagers.  The appetite control has helped to shed some unwanted pounds but the best part of all is the focus it has given us to make positive changes in other parts of our life.  With three teenagers and a hectic schedule, eating right and exercising can take a back seat to the everyday challenges we all face.  ACT has given our family the renewed passion to focus on these areas, and to do it together.

The great thing out of all of this is that we are not alone.  There are individuals and families across the country and actually world, as ACT is in 26 countries beyond the U.S., who have had similar results.  We want to share those results with you as well.  Below are testimonials of people just like us who have tried ACT, and benefit from it everyday.  Bookmark this page and come back often to check out new ones added, and see just how incredible this product it, the only one like it on the market today.  If you are ready to give it a try, I will put out the same challenge I have on other pages and posts on this site.

If you are ready to break that diet drink addiction, give Drink ACT a try, I think you will start to see a much healthier life begin to form!!  Email me, wittmc@msn.com if you have any questions, I’d be glad to help out.

On to the testimonials…………..

Hey Mike,

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy ACT. Like you I had an addiction to diet pop, mostly Diet Pepsi and Diet Mt.Dew. I have tried to quit many times, but each time I did the headaches were too much to take. My boss shared ACT with me recently and at first I was not fond of the taste but after a couple days I noticed how good it made me feel and the energy has been fantastic. The best part of all; I quit my pop addiction cold turkey and haven’t had a headache once.

I have been drinking ACT for 4 weeks now and just love it. The energy is incredible and I am a lot happier person.


Davenport, IA

Hi Mike,

Several years ago I was wishing someone would come out with a beverage of some kind that was similar to a soda or something like that minus the sugar and artificial sweeteners and junk that they put in most beverages on the market. Many of the healthier drinks I had seen were still full of sugars and that didn’t suit me well since I wanted to lose weight and get back into shape.

In April of 2006 someone sent me a sample of A.C.T. Energy Drink. When I received it, I noticed it appeared to be good for you and that is right up my alley since I appreciate healthy products. I tried it as soon as I could and made sure that I didn’t drink anything else that day that might give me energy, so I would know it was the drink working and not something else.

Most energy drinks or energy pills give you a real jittery feeling so I was sort of expecting the same thing from this drink. It didn’t do that to me…so then I was wondering if it was even working or not. Then I felt it. It was different than any other energy drink I had tried. It gave me a euphoric feeling and a feeling of well being, like I was ONE (body, mind & soul). I couldn’t get over how great I felt!

For a long time I was still drinking Diet Coke, but normally only if I was out or with a meal, etc. if I didn’t have my A.C.T. with me, which I take with me just about everywhere I go. My husband and I really wanted to get away from consuming aspartame & sucralose or any artificial sweeteners for that fact. After learning more about the side effects of aspartame, we decided to quit Diet Coke completely. We haven’t had one since June 2007 and that is saying a lot especially for my husband who was definitely addicted to it.

I can proudly say that I am much healthier and way more active that I was 2 years ago and I give all the credit to A.C.T. and how it makes me feel, oh and we noticed it curbs your appetite as well, which is a big plus in my book. I have to remind myself to eat instead of feeling hungry


Atlanta, GA


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